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Tony Crosby shares, “I am an architect and while I do paint and draw architecture, my subjects are primarily landscapes. I love the variety in colors and shapes in landscapes, allowing me to take those colors and shapes and represent them in infinite variety. They may be representative or simply combinations of shapes and colors with the emphasis on composition rather than representation. The intensity of pigments in pastels provide the exuberance of color that I find so stimulating and soft pastels add an often unexpected burst of texture that gives my work a painterly quality.”

Tony’s beautifully framed and matted pastel landscapes and blank greeting cards featuring historic architecture in the area are always popular among the patrons of Gingko Leaf Gallery.




CADDO CYPRESS, Tony Crosby. Soft pastels. Framed, matted, under glass 27 inches X 21 inches. $400


LOST PINES – BEFORE THE BASTROP FIRES, Tony Crosby. Soft pastels. Framed, matted, under glass 30 inches X 23 inches. $425